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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the calling card to make calls?

Dial the access number as shown on the back of the card. Select your preferred language. Enter the PIN No. Your card’s balance will be read to you from the system. Lastly, enter the overseas telephone number in the order of country code + area code + phone. no + '#' key. Your call will be connected in a few seconds.

Why is there no response after I entered my PIN?

The reasons may be:
1. Tone-dial phone or tone dialer is required to use this phonecard service.
2. Ensure that you have entered the correct PIN as shown on your phonecard.

Why is the call not connected after I have dialed?

Please ensure that you have keyed in the correct country code and area code if applicable. Check the called party number or you may have incorrectly entered an international prefix (e.g. 00, 001) before the country code. This is not required.

Would I be charged for local calls when I use your calling card?

Yes. Prevailing local call charges is applicable during the whole of call.

What are the calling rate to overseas countries?

Please refer to the calling card page and click on each individual card.

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